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Putnam Humane Society Needs Second Veterinary Partner

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Putnam Humane Society Needs Second Veterinary Partner

The Putnam County Humane Society is in need of a second full-time veterinarian to partner on animal care.

Director Jennifer Farley said the Humane Society is still playing catch up after the tornado and COVID Shutdown. Farley said they do not have any appointments available through March.

She said a second vet is essential to helping out low-income pet parents.

“Many vets in our community who are currently coming in and doing some work with us, maybe a day a month, a couple of days a month and trying to help us get caught up on our surgeries,” Farley said. “Until we really have that full time second veterinarian, our capabilities are still going to remain limited.”

Farley said the need is for spay and neuter, as well as basic animal care for low income residents. She said being able to provide more care will keep more animals out of shelters.

“They can’t afford a basic visit to have their pets vaccinated or a fecal done or even a little laceration repaired,” Farley said. “We have a poverty level here in the Upper Cumberland that is 33 percent higher than the national average.”

Farley said even the community can help with trying to get a second veterinarian on board with the Humane Society. She said when people know there is a need, the word can spread.

“I would say word of mouth is the best form of advertising,” Farley said. “If they just spread around that we’re looking for a full-time second veterinarian, maybe somebody knows somebody who knows somebody looking for a position in this field.”

Farley said expanding the Putnam County Humane Society’s capabilities is dependent on adding a second full-time vet. The Humane Society currently partners with Copeland Veterinary Hospital.


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