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Monterey Takes First Step In Railroad Crossing Repairs

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Monterey Takes First Step In Railroad Crossing Repairs

Monterey is starting the process of refurbishing two railroad crossings within the city limits.

Board of Alderman approved opening the project for bids was approved. Mayor JJ Reels said the crossings at Poplar and Elm Street are the focus of the work.

“They’re basically redoing the whole railroad crossing,” Reels said. “Like I said, they are going to make it a highway grade railroad crossing. So, it would be like something that you see on the state highways.”

Reels said for budgeting reasons, the project will not go on the books until next fiscal year. Monterey will pay for the project up front with the state reimbursing 90 percent.

“Just budgetary to make sure we don’t short ourselves this fiscal year,” Reels said. “If we had the funds to do it now, we would do it now, but you got to plan for the future. You don’t know what might come up unexpected.”

Reels said these two crossing are the first of many that need replacing. Reimbursed funds will go back into the town’s general fund.

“You actually don’t pay until the work is done anyways,” Reels said. “So, we are probably looking at next fiscal year anyways, but right now, we are getting the process started. We are looking at approximately $80,000 to do them. We will get reimbursed 90 percent of that.”


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