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New Waterfall Part Of Monterey’s Meadow Creek Expansion

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
New Waterfall Part Of Monterey’s Meadow Creek Expansion

Monterey’s Meadow Creek park has expanded as the town completed the purchase of a neighboring seven acre lot.

Included with the $43,500 price tag was an undocumented waterfall that needed a name. Mayor J.J Reels said the official title will be known as, “Meadow Creek Falls.”

“Right now, it is not much of a waterfall. It is more of a little trickle, but in the spring and summer when it rains a lot, it flows a lot,” Reels said. “It is a great addition to our park. I think people will enjoy going out there and seeing some waterfalls.”

The Board of Alderman Monday approved applying for a $48,000 health grant to make the site more accessible through walking trails. Reels said the waterfall can currently only be reached by a natural walk way.

Reels said the long term plan is to connect to the park’s mountain bike trail. Reels said that would create about 16 miles of pathways in total.

“We are looking to use maybe half of it or so to build some walking trails starting from that area,” Reels said. “That’s one of the things I talked about wanting to do is build some trail heads there. That way we could have hiking trails start and go down toward the lake property, and eventually, meet up with the trail we have already started building.”

Monterey will hear back concerning the grant application sometime in the spring. The lot is east of the existing park where a creek running off a bluff creates the 30 foot waterfall, Reels said.


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