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Cumberland River Hospital Auctioning Medical Technology

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Cumberland River Hospital Auctioning Medical Technology

The Cumberland River Hospital plans to auction off its advanced medical gear as no movement has been made in reopening the facility.

Owner johnny Presley said the equipment was appraised Wednesday and is set to be sold through an online auctioning service.

“Unfortunately, it looks like that we are are going to have to dismantle the facility and auction it off,” Presley said. “Because, there is a seriously high demand for this equipment to be used by other hospitals that unfortunately, since we can’t save lives here in Tennessee due to the ignorance of our politicians at the state and local levels, we are going to have to send this to other states.”

Presley said operating room equipment and CT scanners are among the items sold. Presley said the property will remain under his ownership and not be sold. Presley said the clinic will continue to operate in the short-term.

“I don’t know how long that will continue to go,” Presley said. “The property will not be auctioned. It will be all the updated equipment that was purchased.”

Presley used a loan through the Upper Cumberland Development District helped with the purchase of the facility in 2019. Presley said the auction funds will assist in paying those dues.

The hospital shut down in August due to disagreements between Presley and state and local EMS.


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