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Jackson County Teachers Receiving $500 Bonus

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Jackson County Teachers Receiving $500 Bonus

A one-time teacher bonus worth $500 unanimously approved by the Jackson County School Board Thursday night.

Director of Schools Kristy Brown said they were able to cover this bonus after receiving $850,000 in grant reimbursements for things already budgeted and purchased. Brown said it was important to deliver something to teachers after last year’s raise was cut from the state budget.

Brown said there are questions about new two percent raise passed by legislators last week.

“It’s not looking like 2 percent for sure,” Brown said. “I’m glad they were able to do something. Although, I don’t think it’s near significant enough.”

Brown said she did not anticipate getting as big of a reimbursement as the system did, but was glad the bonus was approved after a year that teachers have worked extra hours completing extra duties. Jackson County School Board Chairman Mark Brown shared the same sentiment after Thursday night’s vote.

“The issues of the kids and the parents and the people, it’s been an unsettling, unrestful time for us in life,” Chairman Brown said. “The teachers are having to deal with all of this. I just feel strong that the teachers deserve something and are worth more than… I know, than what I am, as far as what I’m doing in my role.”

Brown said that she was proud of the system for being able to stay open, except for a time at Jackson County High School. She credited teachers for making this year possible.

“There’s a lot of extra work that has gone into that, besides the extra planning and the virtual platforms that we’re using. Those types of things that teachers have done,” Brown said. “There’s a lot of extra duties that are not typically done by teachers. The extra cleaning, the distancing, especially when you’re dealing with children. A lot of extra hours and a lot of extra time that they’ve put in.”

The one-time bonus will go to classroom teachers, counselors, librarians, principals and administrators. Brown said of the reimbursed grant funding, the system will used $80,000 to $81,000 for the teacher bonuses.


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