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Livingston Considering Water Leak Relief Service

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Livingston Considering Water Leak Relief Service

Livingston’s Board of Aldermen are considering an optional third-party leak adjustment program for water customers.

Mayor Curtis Hayes said coverage and rates have not been finalized, but customers can opt-out of the service agreement at any time. Hayes said the program is through the company Water Leak Relief. That program would pay the difference between the bill with a leak and the customer’s 12-month average bill.

“By the time we get rolling it would be July,” Hayes said. “By then every water customer in our district will have had a flyer, direct mail from the city. It will be on our website.”

Hayes said this program would provide revenue it has never had, since leak adjustments are typically written off. He said if this service agreement is approved, it will be a win-win for water customers, and Livingston.

“Water Leak Relief would pay for their bill, and they would pay their normal bill,” Hayes said. “In the offset of that, the loss of revenue to the city. They would cut the city a check for the remainder of the bill.”

Hayes said there would be additional charges on customers water bill to have this coverage. However, he said customers who opt-out of the program in the first 30 days would be refunded.

“We’re still playing with the numbers a little bit, but it did look like there would be an additional $2.50 added to the customers bill,” Hayes said. “In return, if they were to have a leak, Water Leak Relief would pay for their bill.”

The Livingston Board of Alderman will vote on this program in March. Hayes said this is a service agreement, not leak insurance.


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