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Generator Safety For Residents Without Power

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Generator Safety For Residents Without Power

Going without power during Winter weather can be a scary time for people if they do not know when power will be restored.

However, Cookeville Fire Chief Daryl Blair said anyone looking to use generator power during this time need to be careful. Blair said generators can pose two dangers to anyone inside the home.

“If they’re hooking them up to power their house, make sure that it is done correctly and that a certified electrician has got everything hooked up for them correctly,” Blair said. “They do not need to be running generators inside garages or inside the house, they need to be outside.”

Blair said that generators hooked up improperly can cause the electrical power to reverse its direction, causing backfeed. He said running a generator inside can be fatal if fumes cannot ventilate.

Generator exhaust contains high levels of carbon monoxide. Carbon Monoxide is especially because it cannot be seen or smelled.

Blair also warned residents to be careful using kerosene heaters, which also need ventilation during refueling.


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