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Overton Executive Concered For Elder Residents

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Overton Executive Concered For Elder Residents

Overton County is in a state of emergency and trying to get enough generators to open multiple shelters.

Four shelters in Livingston have opened at this time, but County Executive Danner said the county needs to get a shelter open in Rickman. Danner said his biggest concern are elder residents, with 2,000 to 3,000 residents expected to be without power over the next two days.

“We’ve got some elderly that do not have anyone to check on them,” Danner said. “The rescue squad and the fire departments are going around trying to check on people. If the public out there, if you know of people that don’t have any family, you just need to check on your neighbor and check on other people.”

Danner said that with the state of emergency declared, he knows the county will get generators from TEMA. He said this will allow for emergency spending during a time where the county cannot wait.

Danner said his EMA Director suggested declaring the state of emergency early, to get help from the state as soon as possible and avoid delays.

“It’s hard, of course everybody is trying to get the same resources,” Danner said. “There’s only so many generators and every county is trying. If you don’t declare a state of emergency, you won’t get any help at all.”

There are four shelters currently open in Livingston, including:

Life Church at 1634 Cookeville Highway

Livingston First Baptist Church at 708 East Main Street

First Christian Church at 320 Oakley Street

1st Church at 900 Overton Plaza.

“If anybody is out there in the county or another county, either one and don’t have power you can come to that address there. You can stay there and stay warm,” Danner said. “As soon as we get information about a generator at Rickman, we’re gonna try and open one up there.”


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