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Jackson County Seeing Significant Improvement With Outages

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Jackson County Seeing Significant Improvement With Outages

Jackson County Mayor Randy Heady said that the number of residents without power has been cut from 2,200 down to 700 to 800.

Heady said significant improvements have been made to restore most power to Shephardsville Road, the Dodson Branch community, Zion Road down Highway 135, New Salem Road and Seven Knobs. However, Heady said with impending weather Wednesday night he is asking residents to still make safety plans.

“Just because we have power today, right now doesn’t mean we’ll have power after a while,” Heady said. “Y’all just be safe. Think about if you don’t have power, I’m really worried about the North side of the county, Northwest the Gladdice area, Wartrace I mean, in that area. I’m worried about y’all not getting power, so if you need to take precaution, please do.”

Heady said Northern Dodson Branch communities still do not have power. He said he has not been provided a time estimate for restoring power.

“They’re not giving us any time on that because apparently that’s a substantial problem out there,” Heady said. “But I am really thrilled that a lot of our residents in that area, Dodson Branch have gotten their power restored.”

Heady said two options are being worked on to feed power to Flynns Lick, Whites Bend, Indian Creek, Trace Creek and War Trace. That includes a limited backfeed of power out of Granville.

“It will be backfed out of Granville and a lot of customers will get some power,” Heady said. “But they’ll only be able to feed as much as they can keep up the voltage, the ability to continue to provide electricity to the customers. You don’t want to make a bad situation worse by losing more customers.”

The second option is the progress made getting a three-phase line up, down New Salem Road.

“The main power line coming down through New Salem,” Heady said. “Which feeds Flynns Lick, Whites Bend and even goes across the river to feed the Indian Creek, Trace Creek, Wartrace area of Jackson County.”

He said he believes a three-phase line is close to being back up in Seven Knobs. Mayor Heady said he still wants residents to take necessary precautions, whether that means finding shelter, a place to stay warm or a way to get power.


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