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Spar-Gas Has Propane And Heaters Available

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Spar-Gas Has Propane And Heaters Available

Spar-Gas has propane and heaters readily available for those without power.

The company has locations in Sparta, Livingston, Crossville, Carthage and McMinnvile. Sparta Manager Sabrina Tolbert said employees are even delivering gas to customers that already have a Spar-Gas tank.

“We use the driver’s discretion,” Tolbert said. “The driver comes out to your road, and he sees that it is too icy to get on the road. Of course, he would not put a truck on that, because we do not want to endanger anyone. If he thinks it is where he can get on it and haul the fuel, then, he would do so.”

Tolbert said many places are running low on propane, but Spar-Gas locations have enough in storage for people in need. Tolbert said portable space heaters that sit on feet are the best suited for home heat.

“You are allowed a certain BTU in a bedroom, which 10,000 BTU is in a bedroom,” Tolbert said. “Anything else you can put in a living room, and you can run it all night long and be fine with it.”

Tolbert said to not use outdoor propane heaters inside. If used for too long, Tolbert said your house could fill with a fatal amount of carbon monoxide.

“A lot of people are wanting to use the Mr. Heaters on top of the bottles,” Tolbert said. “They are for outdoor use. We recommend a wall heater or one that sits on feet.”

Home heat and tanks are also available to purchase. Tolbert said Spar-Gas locations have plenty of safe home heat options available.


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