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Jackson Water Expecting More Reports Of Busted Pipes

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Jackson Water Expecting More Reports Of Busted Pipes

The Jackson County Utility District is asking residents that have restored power to check their water meters for abnormal water usage.

Field Supervisor Donnie Locke said with some people without power for five days, frozen and busted pipes are a concern.

“A normal usage shouldn’t be 20 gallon a minute or something,” Locke said. “If you are over probably five or 10 gallon a minute, chances are you have something frozen or busted, and of course with it thawing out, it is going to continue to keep getting worse.”

While extreme low temperatures are always a danger for pipes, Locke said warmer weather will make for more problems. Locke said the rocky ground of Jackson County will rub against pipes as it thaws and shifts, so continue to watch your water meter.

“Keep an eye out on that,” Locke said. “So that way, it kinda helps us out as well, and it will make it cheaper on the customer. The quicker you find it, the quicker you can shut it off and save money.”

Busted pipes can be expensive depending on the water damage and the severity of the leak. Locke said the utility district keeps a close watch on the county water system to catch leaks before it is too late.

“We have a computer system I closely monitor on a daily basis,” Locke said. “We know what we should be running, and it is over a certain amount, I will call everybody and start looking at the area.”

If you turn on your faucet and no water runs, Locke said your pipes are likely frozen. Locke said residents can find water usage rates on the bottom right corner of the meter.


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