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Fentress Co. Jail Transitioning To New Inmate Phone System

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Fentress Co. Jail Transitioning To New Inmate Phone System

The Fentress County Jail is switching to a new inmate phone system starting Wednesday.

Fentress County Sheriff’s Department Secretary Taylor Hart said using Combined Public Communications is cheaper for inmate families and the county.

“The one we had currently is a little high at times, and this one they offered us better local rates,” Hart said. “They are only going to be 21 cents a minute. You don’t have to pay a start up fee, and we’re hoping overall it is just going to be better.”

Hart said also included in the contract is a kiosk that will be in the jail lobby. It accepts cash and credit card. Hart said while the new system is being installed, inmate phones will be down for a few hours.

“The company is actually going to show the inmates how to use it,” Hart said. “The only difference is they (Families) will go to a different website.”

The way the system works is people deposit money to a inmates account to make outgoing calls from the jail. Hart said the new contract will last for at least a year, and the jail receives a percentage for each phone call made.

“If they have any questions, they can always call us up at the Sheriff’s Office,” Hart said. “We will try our best to help them work it through. We’re learning as much as they are, but we will answer as many questions as we can.”

Family and friends are able to set up prepaid accounts from outside the facility by calling Combined Public Communications at 1-877-998-5678 or online at or by using the kiosk.

Hart said remaining funds for calls with the past service can be refunded by contacting Securus Technologies. For further questions, Fentress County Sheriff’s Department can be contacted at (931)-879-8142.


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