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Representative Windle Reacts To Parton Declining Statue

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Representative Windle Reacts To Parton Declining Statue

Representative John Mark Windle said he respects Dolly Parton’s decision to turn down a statue of her on capitol grounds.

Windle said support for a Parton statue was unanimous in the state house and senate. He said Parton’s support of underprivileged Tennesseans, education and overall compassion led legislators to try and honor her.

“She provided money for the vaccine at the Vanderbilt study for COVID,” Windle said. “Time and time again she steps up and donates and provides for those who don’t have. She’s a great example and we really need leaders like her, now.”

Windle said he views Parton as an honorable person, who does not want recognition during a contentious time in the United States.

“It’s about being an inspiration for young women and men in Tennessee,” Windle said. “That if you play by the rules and you work hard, you can still be successful. I think that’s the message, certainly that many of us draw from her life. That she’s worked hard, she’s honest, she does play by the rules and she’s been successful and therefore people love her. They love her not just in Tennessee but around the world

He said Parton left the door open to a statue of her becoming a reality. Windle said he hopes the state can find a way to honor.

“It’s going to happen at some point, hopefully sooner than later,” Windle said. “I hope we can recognize her while we still have her. I think that’s going to be important and hopefully we can do that before she’s gone.”


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