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Cookeville On Schedule For August Double Springs Utility Takeover

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Cookeville On Schedule For August Double Springs Utility Takeover

Integrating portions of the Double Springs Utility District under Cookeville control is going as scheduled.

That is according to Water and Sewer Director Ronnie Kelly. Kelly said the task at hand is separating the purchased 500 some meters from the district.

“We sell water whole sale to Double Springs through a master meter,” Kelly said. “They then resale it to their customers that have individual meters at their homes. Those are located in close to town, so we want to move those master meter points out beyond where we’re going to be selling.”

Kelly said moving these master meters is the most challenging part of the transition. Kelly said the project will require reconnecting the remainder of Double Springs to continue whole sales.

“We got to disconnect and probably put in a couple blow off valves to where the way lines are connected now. We may go up a little street, and we are going to take those customers that are within the city limits,” Kelly said. “We may disconnect just a line there. They will have a little dead end line and they will have a dead end line, so it is not all just replacing master meters.”

Kelly said the work is currently in the design stage. Kelly said about $500,000 is budgeted with invitations to bid coming out next month.  Kelly said customers will receive information of the full transition soon as service is supposed to switch this fall.

“We will be sending out a letter here fairly soon,” Kelly said. “I don’t know how soon cause we do not want to get too far ahead. Just to give them some information about how we are taking over that part of the system. They will become city of Cookeville customers.”

Kelly said another big challenge is moving the bill payment data of all the customers to the Cookeville system.


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