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Bee Rock Improvements Moving Forward Despite Weather Issues

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Bee Rock Improvements Moving Forward Despite Weather Issues

Improvements at the Bee Rock Overlook are moving forward even with issues caused by rain.

Monterey Mayor JJ Reels said that the structure for the composting restroom is going up, despite issues getting trucks in. However, Reels said problems caused by trucks have to be addressed.

“We’re doing some grading work, putting some gravel down so we can have a safe place for the trucks to get through,” Reels said. “As well as when we have people come to go to Bee Rock. Not having to walk through mud holes and trenches and ruts from where the trucks have been through.”

Reels said creating a new walking trail could be a potential permanent fix later on for Bee Rock. Reels said the hope right now is to have all the work done in the next one to two months.

“It’s a big deal for us,” Reels said. “Because it’s going to be more inviting and accommodating for our guests to view Bee Rock.”

Reels said he hopes that more improvements can happen to make Bee Rock a better tourism destination for everyone.

“Where the big opening is at, we’re hoping to cut some trees there,” Reels said. “So people with disabilities, you know maybe in a wheelchair or may not be able to walk a long way can actually be able to view what is seen from Bee Rock. So that’s some things we’re hoping to do in the near future.”

Next up for Bee Rock is being the host site for Monterey’s town logo unveiling on March 24. Reels said there’s a reason why Monterey picked Bee Rock for this event.


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