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Celina PD Receiving City Issued Firearms

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Celina PD Receiving City Issued Firearms

The Celina Police Department will soon have city issued firearms and accessories.

The Board of Aldermen Tuesday approved the purchase of seven handguns and holsters after a request from Police Chief Terry Scott. Scott said Celina is one of the few municipalities that does not have city owned equipment.

“My concern is that you don’t know what your officers are packing,” Scott said. “That way I have records, and I know who has what and has the same ammo. It will work better for the department.”

Scott said he has put off the purchase for 12 years, but it has now become a necessity. Scott said the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is starting to enforce regulations on city issued firearms.

“OSHA was here last week, and I mean they are really cracking down,” Scott said. “I don’t want to see us get in no trouble. I don’t see any issues on why we can’t do this. They’ll take care of the weapons, and it should last.”

As an agreement with the Board of Alderman and the City Police Department, the $7,437 cost will be split evenly between the city’s general fund and the department’s drug fund. Scott said officers currently use their own weapons.

“We have to account for what ammo we have, what guns they pack, I can’t do that with their own guns,” Scott said. “I don’t have a right to do that. So, I am asking you all to assist us with this.”

Mayor Tonya Spears said the city has not had the financial means to make the purchase in the past.


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