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Dunkin’ Location Coming To Monterey

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Dunkin’ Location Coming To Monterey

Monterey is set to be the location of a new Dunkin’ franchise.

Mayor JJ Reels said the coffee and donut shop will be located in the Shell station off interstate exit 301.

“We don’t know the estimated time yet,” Reels said. “We are still waiting on the state for our variants. We know it is coming we are just waiting on the state. Once they are done, we will get rolling on it and move a Dunkin’ Donuts moved into the Shell station. We’re excited. It is going to be a huge thing for Monterey.”

Reels said the franchisee is waiting for state approval to purchase some adjacent property near the right-of-way. Reels said nothing else is required from Monterey for the project to move forward.

“Early in the process, we had an easement on the interstate on-ramp for some flowers,” Reels said. “We had to vacate part of that, so they could move forward with the process, but there is nothing else required from the city right now. It is between the McGugin’s, the company putting in the Dunkin’ Donuts and the state.”

Reels said the location will hopefully bring in travelers off the interstate and increase tax revenue for the town.

“I think it is a good thing, because it’s going to increase our tax base,” Reels said. “It is in a central location that is going to attract all the interstate traffic. There are tens of thousands of cars that go by Monterey everyday.”


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