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Poke Sallet Festival Cancelled Second Year In A Row

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Poke Sallet Festival Cancelled Second Year In A Row

Another year will pass without the Jackson County Poke Sallet Festival.

The American Legion Post 129 made the decision to cancel the May event. Post Commander Dale Smith said the reason is to prevent the spread of COVID.

“We just try to protect our citizens in a small county in a small town,” Smith said. “Because, we would have people coming in from Kentucky, Alabama and Georgia. And, we just decided to close it down for  this upcoming year.”

Smith said the age of Jackson County Post members played a role, as well. The oldest Poke Sallet Festival in the state was cancelled for the first time last year after 41 consecutive years of operation.

Smith said planning for the event usually begins in November, and a large draw for turnout is bringing in a carnival. Smith said even if the festival happened, the timing did not make bringing rides to town possible this year.

“I talked to the carnival man out of Lexington, Kentucky,” Smith said. “And, he couldn’t tell me a thing until after the first of the year, because they didn’t know if the federal government would shut them down from going to state from state.”

The festival included food vendors, live music and events such as turtle racing and poke sallet eating contests. Smith said the post gave back the dues to set up at the event with the hope they return for 2022.

“For our county, the representation that we get and the backing that we get for the Poke Sallet Festival,” Smith said. “The people that help sponsor it, and the people at the American Legion I would like to thank them too.”

Smith said there are ideas of having a smaller community event this fall, but this might not happen due to support declining.


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