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Sparta Tornado Siren Outage Leads To System Inspection

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Sparta Tornado Siren Outage Leads To System Inspection

Issues with Sparta’s tornado siren led the city’s Board of Alderman to approve an inspection of the system Thursday night.

Fire Chief Captain Kirk Young said he started searching for companies after the Church Street siren did not go off during its monthly testing.

“And, we’ve got a bid for $4,836 to come out and do a PM service,” Young said. “We haven’t had any service to these in two years, and it is time for us to do that.”

Mayor Jeff Young said the city usually plans for its purchases, but the public safety aspect made it urgent. City Administrator Brad Hennessee said the city had no choice but to accept the bid.

“This is to get us to know what we need,” Hennessee said. “It’s higher than what I was expecting and what I want, but they’re the sole source, and I feel like we don’t have any other choice rather than accept it and then look at what the service agreement looks like.”

The other tornado siren is located by the Sparta water tower and will also be evaluated. Kirk said after the inspection is completed, a list of repairs will be presented to the board with the option to enter a yearly contract.

“The company that we did use is no longer in business,” Kirk said. “I have reached out to multiple companies in Nashville and finally found one in McMinnville.”

Kirk said the McMinnville inspection company was the sole bidder. Kirk said another Nashville company also responded and said the entire system needed to be replaced, but the price tag was too high.

In other business, the purchase of water leak insurance for the city was tabled. Alderman Jerry Lowery said he would like a representative of the company providing the coverage before making a decision. The coverage has a $1,500 limit for leak coverage.


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