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McMinnville Sets Short-Term Goals For Long-Term Projects

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
McMinnville Sets Short-Term Goals For Long-Term Projects

McMinnville has identified several long-term project goals for city officials to work on.

City Administrator Nolan Ming said a planning session was with MTAS helped identify priorities for the 2021-2022 budget. Ming said among the areas to consider, a consolidated economic development board and an analysis of employee compensation.

“Not everyone agrees with the four final ideas,” Ming said. “But I think as time goes by and we learn more about each we’ll get an idea, as to whether or not each is feasible to move forward with, and do it or not.”

Also being considered is the future of the city’s blue building.

Ming said the blue building was toured recently. Ming said he and four alderman took part in assessing the building before seeking an appraisal.

“I personally would say that there are some areas that have received some pretty good water damage,” Ming said. “There’s roughly four different levels, two holes in the roof, several flooring areas that are buckled.”

Ming said that there are many departments in Upper Cumberland cities that are highly competitive. He said police departments are among the most competitive.

“We just want to make sure what we’ve got in place is adequate to attract talent and retain talent here at the city,” Ming said.

Ming said the Economic Development Board is key to consolidate entities with an interest in attracting businesses. He said that could include the chamber of commerce, industrial development and tourism boards.

“A lot of these entities are going towards the same goal but in different directions,” Ming said. “We want to bring them together and make sure we’re not duplicating those efforts.”

He said a new aquatic center was also identified.

Ming said it is just in the planning phase, but would be located near the new Milner Recreation Center. He said an aquatic center would provide year-round swimming for residents.

“What the goal is there is over the next year to just look at the feasibility and to plan and design,” Ming said. “As well as look at financing options for that. So the board’s not looking to build one in the next year. They’re just looking at planning.”


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