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Dale Hollow And Center Hill Lake Reservoirs Healthy After Rainfall

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Dale Hollow And Center Hill Lake Reservoirs Healthy After Rainfall

Dale Hollow and Center Hill Lake water levels are not an issue after the weekend rainfall.

That is according to Corp of Engineers Nashville District Water Management Chief Anthony Rodino. Rodino said each reservoir has enough space to handle at least five more inches of run off water.

“Dale Hollow has used approximately 33 percent of its flood storage capacity,” Rodino said. “Center Hill has used approximately 27 percent of its flood storage capacity. So, we still are in great shape for those two projects.”

Rodino said at one point, Dale Hollow Lake water levels climbed up to seven feet and Center Hill Lake by 17 feet. The Army Corps of Engineers has opened the flood gates at the Dale Hollow Dam Tuesday with the Cumberland River now at stable levels.

“Right now, we are seeing conditions approximately 655 feet is around the current elevation for Dale Hollow,” Rodino said. “Before this rainfall event, we were in the 648 region. (…) We expect it to continue to rise towards 656  feet in the coming days. Moving on to Center Hill, before this rainfall event was in the ball park of 642. We are closing in at 659 at this point. We anticipate the water level continuing to rise above 661.”

Both reservoirs are designed to control flood events for the Cumberland Basin. Rodino said no water was released down stream this weekend.

“They reduce discharges to the main steam of the Cumberland River when it rains and allow that river to pass the rainfall and local run off.” Rodino said. “After conditions subside, those projects then release that water in storage and bring conditions back down to normal levels.”

Boat goers should park vehicles away from the water line and be mindful of floating boat ramps rising with the water levels. Rodino said the rainfall was the second most in a 48 hour span in Tennessee.


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