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Oak Alley Receiving Utility And Sidewalk Improvements

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Oak Alley Receiving Utility And Sidewalk Improvements

Cookeville’s Oak Alley will be receiving utility and sidewalk upgrades with work starting in the next month.

The need became noticeable while Cookeville utility workers were addressing a water leak behind Cream City. Water and Sewer Director Ronnie Kelly said the sewer lines are outdated, and some water meters need to be relocated.

“We’re going to replace the sewer line from the Oak Street down to the alley to the East of Cream City,” Kelly said. “We are going to replace the sewer, reconnect everybody and then, we are going to extend a water line through there, and then, move everybody’s meters to their property.”

Kelly said electric lines will also be hidden underground with new CityScape lamps later installed. Kelly said a sidewalk connecting to Oak Street will then be laid over the utility upgrades.

“The sewer line will be an eight-inch line,” Kelly said. “For the water line connection, probably a two-inch up there, and then, we will set everybody’s meter on it. We may be running a little bit bigger line, but probably a two-inch would be sufficient.”

The long-term plan is to create a walkway to the Leslie Town Centre. Kelly said linking the sidewalk to Cedar Avenue would be the next step to achieve this.

“I remember a long time ago there were talks about upgrading the alley with a walkway and so forth,” Kelly said. “So, pros to city manager wanting to try to include that with our project, because we were going to dig it up. He was real receptive and worked to get a couple of easements from property owners down on the eastern in of the alley, so I think it will be a good project.”

Madewell Construction was awarded the low bid for the project for about $152,000. Kelly said the contract is ready for work.


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