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Monterey Mayor Overstepped Property Disposal Procedures

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Monterey Mayor Overstepped Property Disposal Procedures

Monterey Alderman Nathan Walker raised concerns over Mayor JJ Reels handling of city owned property during Monday’s Board of Aldermen meeting.

According to Walker, Reels contracted a tree service last year to clear an area for a gravel parking lot at Meadow Creek Park. Those trees were then sold for profit without board approval. Walker said the action went against the city’s charter for disposing city property.

“No employee nor single official is allowed to dispose of city property without board approval,” Walker said. “It has to be declared surplus. In the past, we have cleared our properties and have sold the trees as hardwoods have value as we all know, and for that to not go before the board, again it gives the view of possible improprieties.”

During the meeting, Walker asked Reels to bring all future city property business to the board. Reels said he agreed and will keep the aldermen aware of future situations. Reels said he was unaware the wood was being sold at the time and that approval was needed for disposal.

“I’m still learning a little bit,” Reels said.

Walker said he brought up the matter to make sure Monterey has a transparent government.

“I think the citizens and voters of Monterey, that is why they put us here,” Walker said. “They want to know what is happening, and they don’t want person to be able to by pass the system of checks and balances that we have in place to protect us.”


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