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Springtime Winters Continue With Dogwood Winter

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Springtime Winters Continue With Dogwood Winter

Welcome to Dogwood Winter.

The second of four, “Little Winters,” that can span until late May. Tennessee Tech Professor Graham Kash said the names come from simple observations of nature that tend to happen when temperature drops occur.

“It is a phenomena of places that have changeable weather,’” Kash said. “That have season right now. We’re not quite sure if it is late winter or early spring.”

Locust Winter is the next in line with Blackberry Winter following. Kash said each one is not guaranteed to happen every year since some springs do not experience cold spells.

These winters are not unique to the south with many temperate climates around the world using similar descriptions. While there is limited history of the winter names, Kash said they most likely originate from Europe.

Kash said farmers also used the winter names to gauge when to plant crops based on what is blooming. Dogwoods tend to bloom in mid to late April, locust trees in early May and blackberries mid-May.


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