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Cornbread and Moonshine Festival Returns to Granville

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Cornbread and Moonshine Festival Returns to Granville

The town of Granville is hosting its 8th annual Cornbread and Moonshine Festival this Saturday, May 1st.

Attendees can expect a variety of different activities, including a cornbread cook-off, whiskey tastings, the grand opening of the Whiskey Decanter Museum, and local craftsmen demonstrating their talents in woodworking, blacksmithing, and other crafts. President of Historic Granville Randall Clemons said he hopes people will use the festival as an opportunity to visit the town.

“Granville is basically operating now off of tourism. With our shops, our bed and breakfasts, and the Wildwood Resort, Granville has become a tourist destination. This is just another thing that brings people back to Granville,” said Clemons.

Clemons said the town is built around festivals like the Cornbread and Moonshine Festival, and wants tourists to come and experience the food and fun of its past.

“Well the Cornbread and Moonshine Festival is a great way to step back in time. You got back to food of yesteryear, you go back to old-time craftsmen of yesteryear. We’ll be having a demonstration of  how moonshine was made back in the early 1900s,” said Clemons.

Clemons said the festival helps to bring Granville’s history and its present-day together in celebration.

“We have a long history of moonshine here in our community, so we’ve tried to preserve our history of the past and also feature this of current times,” said Clemons.

Admission is $5 with additional fees for parking and other activities.


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