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Monterey Alderman Looper Wants Change To Trash Pickup

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Monterey Alderman Looper Wants Change To Trash Pickup

Monterey Alderman Charles Looper wants a review of the town’s trash services and what can be included in curbside trash pickup.

Looper said large items such as couches have been laying on the ground and loaded into the garbage truck. Looper said he wants a resolution that remove those items from trash pickup.

“We pay tonnage at the landfill for what we take down there,” Looper said. “If all these other things are added into that truck that is more tonnage, and that’s tax payers’ money. Those things laying on the ground could be taken to the container up here, and it doesn’t cost anything.”

Looper said the town instead could add a new pickup route that would focus on things such as furniture and wood. Looper said a sanitation committee meeting will be called to discuss the matter and provide the Board of Aldermen with a recommendation.

“It’s a hardship on the boys that do the garbage,” Looper said. “They shouldn’t have to pick it up, because the thing picks up the can and dumps it in and that should be all it is. But, they have been picking up these things for years, and I don’t know why it hasn’t been brought up until now.”

Looper said Monterey recently purchased a new garbage truck, so part of the thinking is to also preserve the new vehicle from damage.


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