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Fall Creek Falls Community Center Needs Help After 2020

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Fall Creek Falls Community Center Needs Help After 2020

The Fall Creek Falls area is making multiple attempts to raise money for its community center.

The community center is hosting a car show Saturday, and has an online store set up selling Fall Creek Falls memorabilia. Community Group Vice President Leon Deweese said the efforts are due to the aftermath of the pandemic.

“A lot of people cancelled that had the building rented and reserved,” Deweese said. “We rent out to people for birthday parties, anniversaries and different types of things like that. Since a lot of the stuff had been cancelled last year, we weren’t able to do that to cover our costs.”

Deweese said the car show and online store will help cover utilities and insurance. However, Deweese said entry fees to Saturday’s car and motorcycle show will fund further improvements.

“The reason we’re having the car show now is to raise money to do some work on our building,” Deweese said. “It needs some painting and a few things to be done inside to spruce it up and make it look a lot better.”

Deweese said the community center offers activities for all ages. However, Deweese said that without continued support it is difficult to offer a space for kids and seniors to enjoy.

“We built it along in 1995 or 1996, see at that time we had a lot of people involved in it,” Deweese said. “A lot of them have passed on or moved and we don’t have many people helping just to keep it going. We’re trying to get more interest in the community, people to help out and make it bigger and better.”

The Car and Motorcycle show will be at the community center from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM, featuring food and live music. The online store is offering t-shirts, hats, and more until August 1.

The online store can be easily accessed by visiting the Fall Creek Falls Community Center Facebook page.


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