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Baxter Issues Ordinances Amending Fuel Storage, Construction Requirements

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Baxter Issues Ordinances Amending Fuel Storage, Construction Requirements

Baxter City Council passed an ordinance Thursday night amending fuel storage requirements.

Building and Codes Official Bob Lane said that Baxter’s current ordinance does not allow for more than 500 gallons of combustible liquid above ground. Lane said that the new ordinance will prohibit only gasoline citing its volatility. He said that the need for the amendment came about to accommodate a new business coming to Baxter.

“It’s a new welding company that’s coming in,” Lane said. “They’re going to put a propane tank in out there and sell propane. Currently, the way our ordinance is structured they can’t legally do that so we’re having to amend that and make a change.”

Council also approved two ordinances amending construction requirements in the town.

One amendment requires newly constructed apartments to add an additional five feet to their front setbacks. The other requires newly constructed commercial and multi-family properties to meet certain landscaping requirements.

“We want everything when they build these they look good,” Martin said. “They don’t just look like a board.”

At a previous Planning Commission meeting, Lane said the idea is to protect Baxter’s charm and prevent the town from looking commercialized by requiring greenery when new buildings are constructed.

Lane said the setback ordinance will also help to enhance the aesthetics of Baxter.

“We feel like with the way people park in front of apartments and what-not and garbage cans it creates a little bit of a hazard to be protruding out onto the road,” Lane said. “This will give us that extra five feet for sidewalks and garbage cans. And the aesthetics of the building set back a little further will be a lot better and safer.”

In other business, Council will explore changing the connection fee for water utilities from a deposit to a non-refundable application of $75, and a reconnect fee of $50. City Recorder Sharon Carlile said that the fee will be for those who rent, and not for homeowners. She said that she planned on having an ordinance ready for the council to vote on at next month’s meeting.

“All the other utilities are going to this instead of customer deposits,” Carlile said. “Because then you’re not having to hold deposits and pay them back and holding people’s money.”

Council also approved a lease-purchase agreement for two police vehicles.


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