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Caney Fork Ultra Race Challenges White County Runners

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Caney Fork Ultra Race Challenges White County Runners

Steep rocky descents, boulder fields and fording the Caney Fork River are among the challenges runners will face in the Caney Fork Ultra race on Saturday, August 21st.

The Ultra is a roughly 40 mile race that takes runners through Bee Creek Gorge, around Lake Joe Long, along Virgin Falls Trail, and through other natural areas in White County. Race Director Doug Holder said the race is for runners who want to challenge both their physical and mental stamina.

“Typically the folks that run Ultras or run period, not just Ultras, but any type of running event, typically the folks are the type of people that like to test their limits, see what they’re made of, see what they can put themselves through, and what they can accomplish,” Holder said.

Holder said one of the biggest challenges runners face, in addition to the terrain of the course, is heat. Holder said that they tried to time the race to plan for water levels and to try and catch some colder weather, but they are hindered by hunting season which starts the first Monday in September.

Holder said that despite issues with timing, officials and landowners have been a huge help in the planning process. Holder said he wants to involve the community in White County as much as possible, so they can benefit locally.

“There’s a lot of small businesses that I would like to try and include, we’re working with a local small business in Sparta to get our awards made this year and hopefully we can get some more sponsors on board as time goes on,” Holder said. “We’d like to make this as big of an event as we could for White County and for Sparta area.”

For those who want a shorter race experience or just think they can’t swing the Ultra itself, there will also be a 20k race that takes place on Latimer reservation.


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