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Cookeville Performing Arts Center Presents: “Almost, Maine”

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Cookeville Performing Arts Center Presents: “Almost, Maine”

Cookeville Performing Arts Center presents “Almost, Maine,” a show that explores stories of love and loss through a series of short plays that take place all in one location.

Director Kimberly Frick-Welker said that the show was written to reflect the circumstances of communities in rural areas.

“John Carione who is the playwright,” Frick-Welker said. “Actually speaks to the fact that the people of Almost, Maine are dealing with a  lot of the things that people in rural America deal with, which is poverty, unemployment, limited opportunity, and addiction. So there’s a distinct sadness underlying the hope and joy within this play.”

Frick-Welker said this production is special because it brings together actors of the community from all levels of experience.

“What I love about theatre and community theatre, in general, is that you have actors who have been doing this for a long time and are very adept at their craft,” Frick-Welker said. “And you have some who do this just kind of on the side, and we have a couple of people who are making their stage debut which is just a sense of community and a sense of family. Which is something we really need after everything we’ve been dealing with.”

Frick-Welker said that she encourages everyone to come and see live theatre because of the benefits and experiences it can provide. She said audience members have the chance to take something away from the show that speaks to them as individuals.

“Some people will remember the humor in the show,” Frick-Welker said. “Other people will remember the deeper more personal aspects of the show. You’re dealing with relationships which are complex, so it really is selective what each audience member will take from their experience and that’s the really cool thing about theatre.”

“Almost, Maine” opens August 13th and has performances until August 21st. Tickets are available at $10 for those under 21, $12 for seniors, and $15 for adults.


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