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Jackson Chamber Meeting With Employers On Changing Workforce Needs

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Jackson Chamber Meeting With Employers On Changing Workforce Needs

The Jackson County Chamber of Commerce and Upper Cumberland Workforce are trying to get employers in touch with what employees want.

A special meeting on the topic will be held Monday at 10:00 AM at the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce Board Room. Executive Director Hope Vargas said times have changed when it comes to motivating potential employees.

“Employees might be interested in possible three or four day work weeks, pulling twelve hour shifts,” Vargas said. “Versus the typical eight hours a day, five days a week these days. I think it’s really the flexibility to know they’ll have a solid three or four day weekend.”

Vargas said that 100 percent paid insurance coverage is also an incentive that many employees no longer find as a reason to work. Vargas said there are numerous employers in the industrial district who are ready to hire now, but need applicants.

“We all know that there isn’t a lack of jobs,” Vargas said. “The issue is there’s a lack of motivated workers, really just to fill those jobs.”

Vargas said the idea came about to hold this meeting in Jackson County after she attended a UC Workforce meeting, asking if a meeting had ever been held on wages and benefits. She said interested businesses should call the chamber to confirm if they will be attending on Monday.

“I’m unsure of what each employer offers individually but I’m hoping with the information given on Monday that they will just be better prepared to have competitive benefits as they seek workers to fill their positions.,” Vargas said. “This will give them one more resource to connect with the UC Workforce, whenever needs arrive.”

Vargas said employers do not have to be members of the Chamber of Commerce to participate. She said her goal as Executive Director is to have more meetings like this to engage the community on the most current topics.


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