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Warren Animal Control And Adoption Reopens Following Two Week Closure

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Warren Animal Control And Adoption Reopens Following Two Week Closure

Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center reopened Tuesday after closing because of parvo cases.

According to the American Kennel Club, parvo is a highly contagious virus that dogs can be exposed to anytime they sniff or consume infected feces. Director Sherri Bradley said that the facility closed for two weeks to ensure the safety of animals both in and out of its facility.

“It lives in the dirt,” Bradley said. “So unless you’re disinfecting the ground it can reinfect so what we did here was we did a solution and we did every aspect of our grounds, the grass, the parking lot, anything that could be touched by feet or hands.”

Bradley said that that humans can track parvo on their shoes by walking through an infected area or touching an infected surface. She said that it’s important to keep an eye on symptoms in dogs such as lethargy or a strong odor.

“Parvo hits their immune systems really quickly and it lives in the dirt. You could have an animal really good one day, and the next day they can die off. They get a really bad smell, and they can’t eat or drink anything. So they have to go to the vet, and usually, they put them on IVs to get them back hydrated. It’s very contagious, so we didn’t want anyone touching anything and bringing it back home. But everybody’s healthy now.”

Bradley provided two potential disinfectant solutions if dog owners suspect parvo in their area. She said that bleach or a mixture of 13 percent human-grade peroxide with a gallon of water will work to disinfect.

Bradley said that the closure did not help in dealing with their record numbers. She said that a lack of space caused some issues during the two-week time frame, but they were able to manage them.

To further help with their record numbers, especially in regards to kittens, Bradley said they plan on offering a deal to incentivize adoptions. For more information, contact the Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center.


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