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Rising Above Ministries Telethon, Lunch To Keep Reaching Families

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Rising Above Ministries Telethon, Lunch To Keep Reaching Families

Rising Above Ministries is hosting a a telethon and luncheon to raise funds towards their efforts in the special needs community.

Co-Founder and President Becky Davidson said people need to RSVP to attend the meal on September 21 at noon. Davidson said that evening at 6:00 PM the telethon kicks off on Rising Above Ministries Facebook and website.

“Highlighting some of our different families and some of the different things we have added in, in light of COVID,” Davidson said. “And in light of all the restrictions and things that have been going on, especially with our special needs community. We’ll be sharing how we have shifted and adjusted to meet the needs of our families during this time when they are so isolated and so separated by other people.”

Davidson said getting the families out of isolation is exactly what they have done, launching their own app. Davidson said they have been able to connect with families from Europe to the Middle East.

“We’ve gone to an online platform to where we offer ZOOM community groups,” Davidson said. “So all throughout the week we have families from literally around the world who join in with groups of other special needs parents to understand their life. I actually have a mom who comes to my group on Wednesdays who lives in Sweden.”

Davidson said that because of their faith, the ministry never feels it has to go without due to money. She said they could have never imagined the success they have had during the pandemic.

“We are actually this week, helping a group in the Middle East host their own event for moms in Arabic speaking countries,” Davidson said. “So we are just excited to see the doors that God has opened this year that we could have never imagined. In fact that is our theme for our fundraiser this year, is open doors because we have seen God open doors in ways that we couldn’t imagine, to reach more and more families.”

Davidson said fundraising on the September 21 will help the group keep looking toward large goals for the future. She said to RSVP for the luncheon, please call the Rising Above Ministries office at 526-7473.


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