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Putnam Schools Warning Parents About Destructive TikTok Trend

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Putnam Schools Warning Parents About Destructive TikTok Trend

The ‘Devious Licks’ trend on the social media platform TikTok is a reason for concern in the Putnam County School System.

The viral prank encourages students to steal and destroy school property and post a video of it online. Communications Supervisor Hannah Davis said it has popped up in the system recently at Cookeville High School.

“They will face disciplinary action at school and they could also have charges pressed against them, vandalism charges as well,” Davis said. “So it just depends, there are some serious repercussions that can come from that and look, our schools are aware that the trend is happening. They’re monitoring the schools the best they can.”

Davis said that school bathrooms seem to be the main target. However, she said damages have not reached a level where bathroom use protocol has to change.

“It’s called the ‘Devious Licks’ trend and this ‘lick’ is a slang word for theft,” Davis said. “Just knowing that this is out there and talk to their kids about what’s happening is not good and encouraging them to talk with them about how something trendy could have some serious repercussions.”

Davis said that often these online trends come and go before parents ever know it has become a fad. However, she said once it goes online, the proof is there.

“Reiterate to your children or students or whoever that once you post something to social (media), it’s no longer private, it is public,” Davis said. “So even if they think that they’re posting it, help them have that reality. That whatever it is, whether it’s a trend or anything, it’s no longer private and there’s repercussions if it’s something that’s vandalism or inappropriate. So just having a grip on that and having those conversations are really important.”

Davis said the system knew of the trend for a few weeks before it popped up within the system.


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