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New Southwest Putnam K-8 School Blueprints Expected Soon

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
New Southwest Putnam K-8 School Blueprints Expected Soon

The Putnam County Board of Education has taken steps to get closer on designs for the new Southwest Putnam County School.

The board approved an agreement extension with Upland Design Group so it can move forward with architectural plans. McHenry said within a month or so, the board should have blueprints.

“We went ahead and approved a payment so they could do a lot more planning, a lot more in-depth,” McHenry said. “So we’re getting a lot closer now to being able to get a good look of what the school is going to look like inside and out.”

McHenry said the expectation is that when those blueprints become available, it will look close to the K-8 school’s final design. He said issues at the Lee Seminary Road location have been located and can be avoided.

“Part of the property is really good and it is going to work out very well for where the school is going to be situated,” McHenry said. “One of our concerns of course was routing buses and dropping off the kids. We’re hoping we got that solved already with the site location that we have. So looking forward now to seeing the building details.”

McHenry said that so far, communication with Upland Design has been a success, the board is able to give them a general idea for expectations and then make it work. He said that a special called meeting or work session when designs are in-hand are likely.

“We don’t have anything scheduled just yet because we’re still getting the design hammered out,” McHenry said. “So we don’t have anything yet but it is likely that those will follow based on how quickly we can move forward.”


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