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Checking For Depression Early Can Be Life Saving

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Checking For Depression Early Can Be Life Saving

Depression can affect anyone, showing itself in a long list of symptoms that change someone.

That is according to Volunteer Behavioral Health Senior Vice President of Operations Nathan Miller. Miller said appetite, sleep and an outlook on the world can all be altered.

Thursday is National Depression Screening Day. Miller said anyone feeling a change mentally should get themselves screened.

“Stigma, in my opinion should not play a part in your mental health and choosing whether you get mental help,” Miller said. “It’s very important because if you don’t choose it right away to go ahead and get some help and some interaction with a professional if it’s needed, it could be life threatening.”

Miller said to be cautious when screening yourself with online resources, to make sure you’re using verified and evidence based information.

“Depression comes on very gradually, it’s not as easily noticed, especially by the person experiencing it,” Miller said. “Sometimes the folks around them, their friends and family, may actually notice that before they will. But as these things start coming to light from friends and family or you even notice it yourself it is good to inquire at a local mental health center or professional and just kind of see what’s going on.”

Miller said that often depression can be brought on by life changing events. He said that can range from losing a loved one or going through a divorce to someone’s employment situation.

Miller said your local mental health provider often offers resources to help people overcome financial barriers.

“If you’re eligible for them and meet the income requirements and residential requirements and all those things that go along with them,” Miller said. “You can get mental health treatment at little or no cost to you. You just need to call and check and see what your status of eligibility might be. That also includes adults and children that can be eligible for those services. So I would advise people, if you don’t have insurance and you think you can’t get help that may not necessarily be true.”

There is an online depression screening available through the The Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services website. This is a quick and free screening through the Mental Health Association of America.

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