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Van Buren Could Avoid Sixth District After Maps Redrawn

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Van Buren Could Avoid Sixth District After Maps Redrawn

Van Buren County grew by over 600 residents according to census data, but it might avoid having to add a new district.

The county’s redistricting committee met Thursday, looking at maps that did include a potential 6th district. However, Commissioner Henry Seamons said the committee was under the impression that a new district had to be added.

“At the end of the day, if we can save the county money, what does the county gain with six districts?,” Seamons said. “Two more commissioners, you have to pay two more commissioners. One more on the school board, you’ve got one more school board member that you’ve got to pay.”

It was also mentioned that setting up a new voting precinct in a new district would cost the county money. The committee was able to create a map that followed redistricting rules but did not vote to approve it because of two committee members being unable to attend the meeting.

The committee agreed to hold another meeting after Tuesday’s county commission meeting so the map can be seen and potentially get committee approval. The committee was also tentatively able to avoid moving any commissioners or interfere with school board members turns.

Commissioner William Maxwell played a large role in drafting the five district map. He said the Mennonite community boom in the 4th district could be solved because finding a voting precinct should have little effect on the group.

“None of them vote, they’re not running to the polls anyway,” Maxwell said. “They’re not going, they’re not ever going to because it is against their religion.”

Maxwell said that more than likely, the county will see district five continue growing over the next ten years.

“Fourth (District) is going to continue to grow which some of those people where four grew at is going to now be in (District) Five,” Maxwell said. “So actually all the open land is in (District) Five in Van Buren County that’s subject to grow is in District Five. Not all of it, but the vast majority of it.”

Van Buren County grew its population by more than 11 percent during the last census. During the creation of this five district map, each district took on more residents except district two, where Spencer is located.


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