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Transformer Supply Chain Issues Could Slow Baxter Construction

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Transformer Supply Chain Issues Could Slow Baxter Construction

Construction work on Baxter’s Crossroads subdivision could come to a halt due to supply chain issues.

Codes and Building Inspector Bob Lane said that the inability to get transformers could see some negative consequences for progress.

“Even if they are able to use generators and expand on out the reach of what they have now,” Lane said. “You know there’s a link problem  when you get too far from the power source your drills and your saws don’t work as well and they’re about to that point.”

Lane said that even though a generator could be used for construction, without transformers there’s no way to get electricity to the house itself and no one can move in. He said that Upper Cumberland Electric has ordered the transformers, but it is unknown when they will arrive.

“I imagine it’s supply and demand and I don’t really understand why they aren’t able to get them,” Lane said. “My guess is it’s like everything else. COVID’s taken its effect on that industry like it has everybody else and then with the shipping problems facing, I’m sure that would be a question that the power company would need to answer. They’re the only ones who can furnish those transformers, it’s being put on their systems so they get the total call on that.”

Lane said that it’s not even just a shortage of transformers. He said that there’s a shortage of meter bases, breakers, and other components that go into a house facing a shortage.

Lane said that if the wait is prolonged enough, it could bring the construction in that subdivision to a stop completely.


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