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Cookeville Caboose Relocation Plan Changes Causing Delay

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Cookeville Caboose Relocation Plan Changes Causing Delay

Moving the Cookeville L&N Caboose to Baxter has faced delays since the initial plan of relocating is no longer viable.

At first, a crane was to move the caboose on the railroad and be pulled by a train engine to Baxter. Coordinator Don Prince said that plan has since changed due to the car not being federal compliant.

“It would be too risky, and it would probably involve some money to have it federally inspected,” Prince said. “Because if it were to seize up on the rails, then it would be stuck there. So, we have decided to transport it instead down the railroad, down the highway.”

Prince said the caboose lacks the appropriate steering system, brakes and running gears to be on a railroad.

Prince said the issue now is securing a truck large enough to carry the some 25 ton caboose. Prince said a prospective truck has been found, but the deal is not final as road clearances are being reviewed.

“They’re getting some information together on how big the truck needs to be and how high the caboose actually is, the true measurements,” Prince said. “Having to check with the city to see how high the red lights are up off the road, so we can clear them without having to disconnect things.”

Prince said relocation of the caboose is the last step with the Baxter Depot site now ready. Prince said Highway 70 from Cookeville to Baxter would be the route for the some 10 mile trip.

“When they load this on a low-boy, it is a little bit more tedious,” Prince said. “The box of the L&N Caboose of itself has to come off first, and then that’s the part that sits in the deep well of the truck. Then, the wheels, which they refer to as the trucks, have to be loaded on each end of the truck or on another truck, because it would be too high to clear the red lights.”

Prince said when the caboose does finally move, a event will be planned to celebrate in Baxter.


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