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King Receives Praise In Comprehensive Performance Review

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
King Receives Praise In Comprehensive Performance Review

Putnam County Schools Director Corby King received praise in his performance review before the school board Thursday night.

Board Attorney Dan Rader said that this year’s evaluation was one of the most comprehensive he’d seen. He said that there were some 120 subcategories and with over 30 staff members and administrators evaluating.

“I would like to point out,” Rader said. “To me, one of the most significant things was the highest score that the received was in the category of ‘Integrity, Fairness, and Ethics,’ and I think that’s very exemplary that we have a director that scores the highest in those categories because I think it displays the leadership that this board is looking for in a Director of Schools.”

The board then voted to offer King a new contract that extends until June 2024 and increased King’s salary by 4 percent, with a new salary of $135,000 a year.

Board member David McCormick said he appreciates King and that he has done a good job for the system. Chair Lynn McHenry said that he echoes the sentiment, and said that it was a totally different circumstance when Mr. King entered the position. He said that with that, King has done extremely well and will continue to improve.

King said that he was honored to be with the team he has. He said that the performance review and the new contract are just a testament to how well their system is working and how well they work together.

“I have an amazing team,” King said. “Supervisors, principals, administrators across the district. We have great teachers, we have great students, we have great staff. Any evaluation that I have is a reflection on the whole system and how things are going. We know that we live in a good community and we have good schools and I think that was what was indicated on my contract tonight. I am honored that the board has placed that faith and trust in me and it is something that I will strive to continue to do better and improve. We have some lofty goals that we want to set for our students and for our families and some high expectations, so we want to continue making this the best place to live and raise a family.”


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