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Livingston Aldermen And Mayor Discuss Flatt Creek Road Water Project

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Livingston Aldermen And Mayor Discuss Flatt Creek Road Water Project

A Livingston water project that would extend city water to Flatt Creek Road could be reconsidered.

Alderman David Langford brought the item to the Board of Aldermen’s attention Monday. Mayor Curtis Hayes said the project has not been discussed for about a year.

“We’ve had water in Hilham for a very long time,” Hayes said. “Now, there’s some creek crossings I think that would be an added expense to the city of Livingston. If that’s something we want to entertain again, we can certainly entertain it. I’m not opposed to it.”

Hayes said when the project was first considered, residents needed to buy into the water service first before water connections could extend to Flatt Creek Road. But with American Rescue Plan funding on the way, the project could be reexamined, Hayes said.

“Things have changed,” Hayes said. “So now with this money coming in, this may be a good time David to take another look again because that’s what it was all about finance.”

Hayes said he would review the project once again with Engineer Greg Davenport. Hayes said the creek crossings of the area made the price tag an issue at the time.

“The water project is on if they want to get the water from the road and cross that creek and get to them,” Hayes said. “I spoke to them David a year ago. I’ve met with four or five residents on Flatt Creek. Greg Davenport was here as well.”

Alderman David Langford said Flatt Creek Road residents have wanted city water for sometime.

“It’s my understanding that the water lines go pretty close to them,” Langford said. “I think we had promised them that we were going to send it to them. To make a long story short, I was told that they would have it by fall, and I was approached this week by a group of folks down there, and they said, ‘Hey, it’s Christmas. Where is my water?’”

Hayes said, “At no time did I or this board promised them water at all.” Langford said some 10 residents live down the road.


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