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Baxter Named UCDD/UCHRA “Community Of The Year”

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Baxter Named UCDD/UCHRA “Community Of The Year”

Baxter has been named the “Community of the Year” at the annual UCDD/UCHRA Board of Directors meeting.

Mayor John Martin said that winning the award was unbelievable.

“I know we’ve worked so hard in our community to try and make our community the best it can be,” Martin said. “And to get that recognition it’s just another milestone in what we’re doing for the city of Baxter.”

Martin attributes the award to the growth of Baxter over the past year. He said that new business Portobello and Anatolia bringing in over 200 new jobs to Baxter as well as the town’s housing boom make clear that Baxter is rapidly becoming a place to be in the Upper Cumberland.

“The thing about when I ran for mayor five and a half years ago I told everyone what I wanted Baxter to be,” Martin said. “But I never imagined that it would be coming this fast. We’re so proud we’ve got a wonderful council that works with me, the employees we have in Baxter is just unbelievable as far as the cooperation and wanting things to be the best it can be in Baxter. But I never imagined this would happen this quick.”

Martin said that while there aren’t problems, there are opportunities that the city is constantly handling. He said that he is very pleased with the way that everything is going.


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