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Tennessee Tech Provost: Fall Semester A Huge Success

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Tennessee Tech Provost: Fall Semester A Huge Success

Tennessee Tech deems its first semester of the school year a success.

Provost Lori Bruce said that the university has been able to come back in full force after starting the year off cautiously because of COVID. She said that the best part has been seeing the campus come back to life safely.

“Just seeing the students and being on campus and enjoying campus life, sometimes it’s at formal events you know big events, and sometimes it’s just hanging out, playing disc golf, hanging with their friends on the quad. It’s just seeing everybody in person.”

Bruce said that this semester she’s most proud of the university’s faculty. She said that after more than a year-and-a-half of pivoting between in-person and virtual classes, they still have always put the students’ best interests first.

“A lot of the faculty really had to pivot to online way back in spring of 2020, and they couldn’t wait to get back to the classroom full-force. And of course, even in 2020, we already had a very large percentage of our classes in-person. But getting back to really fully in person this fall the faculty put the students and the students’ success first. And so for the faculty pivoting online. pivoting back in person, to just really want to do what was best for the students and to always put the students’ academic success first and the students’ well-being first really made me proud, very very proud.”

Bruce said the semester comes to a close, she has three messages for students.

“Congratulations to our graduates, rest up to our current students, and any prospective student we’d love to have you come to visit us,” Bruce said.

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