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Mindfulness Key To Holiday Snacking Without Overindulging

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Mindfulness Key To Holiday Snacking Without Overindulging

Too much snacking on holiday treats can lead to some unwanted extra pounds.

That’s according to Van Buren Family and Consumer Science Extension Agent Paula May. She said that the best way to go about enjoying the various goodies around the holidays is to find a balance.

“Just keep moving outside especially if it’s pretty and go for walk or go outside and play with the kids,” May said. “Get that physical activity and enjoy your snacks, whichever snack you choose, but get that physical activity in to help kind of counteract what you just ate.”

May said that planning meals ahead of time can also help. She said another way to avoid unhealthy snacking is to provide healthy options. She said that things like fresh fruit and vegetables, yogurt, low-fat milk, pretzels and even peanut butter would be a better alternative to things like chips and dips.

May said another key way to maintaining that health is to be mindful while eating.

“We don’t have to eat everything in one sitting,” May said. “We can always save some for tomorrow, we can have those leftovers, we don’t have to keep grazing. We can kind of limit ourselves and plan and think ‘I’m going to let myself eat this today, but I’m not going to overeat. I’m going to be aware of my portion sizes.’”


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