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Cumberland Approves New Property For Woody Convenience Center

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Cumberland Approves New Property For Woody Convenience Center

Cumberland County will relocate the Woody Convenience Center to a new 3.6-acre property about a mile from its current location.

County Mayor Allen Foster said that the commission approved purchasing the new property for some $52,300 after TDOT purchased the current property for $53,040. He said that the need for the move came from  TDOT miscommunication.

“They had told us that we would not have to move our convenience center,” Foster said. “And then they’re doing road work down on 127 North and realized they were near, so they were working to have to move that just a little ways away from where it is right now. And we’re working with TDOT on that too.”

Foster said that the county is doing everything it can to keep a convenience center open during the process. He said that while there is another convenience center located just a few miles away, the county wants to continue to serve those who use this location.

Foster said the move will also allow some minor upgrades to the center.

“We’re going to try to have some things that will make it more convenient for dropping your trash off,” Foster said. “With the opening, maybe having it where it’s easier to throw it in and things like that. It’s going to be a larger site. So when it’s all said and done, after we get through the inconvenience of moving our convenience center, it’s going to be a much better service for the community.”

Foster said that after approving the offer from TDOT and the purchase of the new property, they are now going through the process of surveying and getting the deeds certified. He said that the county is aggressively pursuing finalizing those pieces.

Foster said that with the current nature of the construction industry, they do not have a current timeline set. He said that they will try to get it open as soon as possible and have goal to leave the current center open until the new one is completed.


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