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Make Smart Decisions When It Comes To New Year’s Celebrations

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Make Smart Decisions When It Comes To New Year’s Celebrations

Drunk driving is even more of a concern this year with New Year’s Eve on a Friday night.

Overton Sheriff John Garrett said that in order to keep everyone safe, it’s important to plan ahead with your celebrations.

“If you’re going to celebrate New Year’s Eve and there’s going to be drinking involved in your celebration, the best thing to do is to celebrate responsibly,” Garrett said. “And if you do drink, either stay in place or get a sober ride home.”

Garrett said that the worst mistake someone can make is making the choice to drink and drive, or allowing a loved one to make that choice. He said that if you suspect someone is about to make a dangerous decision, alert the local authorities.

Garrett said that the Overton Sheriff’s Department will be out in full force this holiday weekend to ensure everyone is keeping both themselves and others safe.

“If they saw someone that was about to drive after drinking if they just say ‘Hey you’ve been drinking, why don’t you stay here or let me get you a sober ride.’ And if that person refuses, then of course immediately call law enforcement and make law enforcement is aware that this person is about to leave in your vehicle. That would be wonderful, and that way we could stop something from potentially happening.”

Garrett said that the best way to protect yourself against potentially dangerous driving situations this weekend is to simply stay home. He said with all kinds of entertainment on TV and fun you can have locally, it’s safer than being on the roads New Year’s Eve. He said if at all possible, to stay in place after midnight to avoid the most dangerous situations.


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