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A Healthy New Year Can Be A Simple As Getting Steps In

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
A Healthy New Year Can Be A Simple As Getting Steps In

Starting the year off on a healthy can be as simple as just getting in your steps.

That’s according to Putnam YMCA Outreach Coordinator Jenny Thacker. She said that by making sure you move every hour, you can decrease your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and premature death.

“Small efforts can make a big impact,” Thacker said. “So it doesn’t have to be any kind of big huge plan, but to have some kind of plan and to take it slow.”

Thacker said other simple steps include time for breaks, stretches, and making sure you’re checking your posture. She said that setting appointments to check in with yourself is a great way to boost physical, mental and emotional health.

Thacker said while it can be hard for those with desk jobs, there are ways to make sure you get movement throughout the day.

“Every hour do something,” Thacker said. “Get up, get some water, get up and stretch, check your posture while you’re sitting, purchase a standing would definitely be helpful too. Use the technology we have as reminders to do all these things. Get your water in and make sure you have that healthy nutrition in throughout your day.”

Thacker said that the YMCA makes it easy to navigate your health journey. She said that the facility has trainers and attendants available that can help individuals learn how to use equipment and help start a customized wellness plan.


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