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Sparta Battling Sewer Pump Clogs Due To Wipes

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Sparta Battling Sewer Pump Clogs Due To Wipes

Another Sparta sewer pump has gone down for maintenance due to a build up of wipes.

Public Works Director Dillard Quick said this is the third time over the past month and a half the Highway 111 station has been clogged.

“They’re flushable, but when they get into the pumps they stop the pumps up,” Quick said. “We’re going to have to put a grinder pump in front of it before it gets to the pump. It will be completely jammed in there like a rock.”

Quick said the issue has been ongoing for some years. Quick said he has asked a nursing home nearby to stop flushing so many wipes, but the problem continues.

“Rags, it’s coming from the nursing home,” Quick said. “I have a picture from a couple of years ago when all that started down at Mayberry. We’re going to have to put some grinder pumps in. There is no way around it. These pumps cost too much money for us to start replacing.”

As a response, Quick said he has price estimates on grinders prepared for when the city’s new budget is created. Quick said using a CDBG grant could also be an option.

“I’ve got three of them priced right now,” Quick said. “Mayberry’s one. 111 is another and turntable, so I have prices on those, and I was hoping for the spring time when we go into budget. Hopefully, this is something we can get a grant for.”

Quick said the sewer pump should be back in operation Friday.


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