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Monterey Seeking Public Input In Recreation Survey

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Monterey Seeking Public Input In Recreation Survey

The town of Monterey is asking for public input on its recreational activities through an online survey.

Cultural Administrator Rafferty Cleary said that the 10-question survey asks respondents questions about sporting activities, physical activities, and art activities. He said that over the years they’ve received a lot of public comments about wants in the community.

“Better quality of life builds a healthier community and so that’s always a goal from the city’s standpoint here in Monterey,” Cleary said. “What can we bring to the community to keep folks engaged but at the same time ”

Cleary said that in just 24 hours they’ve received over three hundred responses. He said that the survey has links posted on all Monterey-related social media, and flyers with QR codes have been posted in highly-populated areas. He said that the survey closes on Wednesday, February 2nd.

Cleary said that once the survey closes, they’ll take the data, analyze it, and hopefully get a plan in place to implement some of these new activities. He said that the activities they implement will be ones that are offered by the Putnam County Parks and Recreation Department.

“I think one thing that should be noted is there’s a section on the survey that basically asks folks ‘Stuff not included on this survey, gives your ideas,’” Cleary said. “And so I anticipate we’ll have a lot of that coming in once all the responses come in. Based on some of the comments I’m seeing on the post that we linked this to on Facebook there are a lot of folks that are thinking outside of the box. I’m seeing things like a bowling alley or an arcade, and as much as I would love to see bowling or an arcade in Monterey, that’s not really what this survey is about.”

Cleary said that those types of activities would be brick-and-mortar and would have to be done by private entities. He said that he wants folks to be mindful that this is strictly programs that the county parks and rec can offer.


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