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Winter Weather Calls For A Reminder On Generator Safety

/ The Upper Cumberland's News Leader
Winter Weather Calls For A Reminder On Generator Safety

With cold weather here and our rounds of precipitation- many of us concerned about power outages.

Keeping generators outside and using professional electricians for installation are the two most important steps for safe use.

That is according to Premier Generator Owner Jeff Woods. Woods said installation requires more planning than what most people think.

“We coordinate with the power company to put the transfer switch in,” Woods said. “The transfer switch is a mechanism that keeps it from back feeding onto the utility grid. It’s completely automatic. We permit everything, so a state electrical inspector inspects everything we do. Not only protects the home owner, but it protects the linemen.”

Woods said back feeding the generator into your existing electrical creates risk for linemen and should not be done.

“When you do that, the transformer that steps the power down for your home, well you back feed it, so that transformer actually steps it back up so the lines are energized from your portable,” Woods said.

Woods said generators also yield carbon monoxide, which can be life threatening when inhaled in an enclosed space.

“We highly recommend no generators indoors, in garages or under low porches or decks,” Woods said.

Woods said the most common mistake he sees is people not being prepared. Woods said often times, portable generators are not used for six months and the gasoline becomes stale impacting the carburetor.

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